Fiber Laser 808nm Hair removal,755nm  808nm  1064nm Diode laser hair removal,OPT SHR IPL depilation skin rejuvenation,980nm Laser Vascular removal,Picosecond Tattoo removal,Beijing Fogool Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Newest Portable 755+808+1064nm
    Newest Portable 755+808+1064nm

    1. 808nm ,755nm , 1064nm optional , different wavelength option for different skin color and hair color;

    2. High power output and energy level make the treatment more effective;

    3. High frequency make the treatment speed more faster;

    4. Big spot size 12*12mm,12*16mm, 12*20mm Optional.

    5. Germany Import palladium bars support machine with long lifespan. Also make machine work more steady;

    6. Big screen 10.4 inch on control, make the machine easier to use;

    7. Great cooling system: Sapphire cooling, Semi-conductor cooling, Water cooling , Air cooling. make machine shooting over 10 hours without any stopping;

    8. Portable and European design make it easy to move.

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  • IPL +SHR+E-light
    IPL +SHR+E-light

    1. Multi-functional Beauty Machine IPL E-Light and SHR 3 in 1 Beauty Machine;

    2. One Machine Can do Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Vascular Removal, many functions for your choice;

    3. No Pain hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment, 100% clients satisfaction;

    4. Strong Input and output power, 3500W big and strong power, high efficient hair and facial treatment;

    5. New and Latest Display Touch Screen, Inch Newest 10.4 Inch touch Display Screen;

    6. Big Spot Size, 12*30mm and 15*50mm for your choice, 1-10 HZ High Frequency In Motion Comfortable and Cooling Treatment for your clients,

    7. Fit for all skin colors treatment, Competitive Price, Smart Choice for beauty centers and agent selling OEM.

    8. Customized Language for you

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  • OPT SHR IPL+ND Yag Laser
    OPT SHR IPL+ND Yag Laser

    1.Two handle, Combination of SHR, Nd Yag technology.

    2.SHR and IPL: 610nm-950nm, hair removal skin rejuvenation

    3. Nd yag all tattoo removal, pigment removal, 1064nm/532nm/1320nm

    3.Water temperature detection system ensure the machine work safely.

    4.10.4 TFT True Color LCD

    5. Pulse duration can be adjusted. It can meet different requirement of users.

    6. Four degrees cooling, making the treatment more comfortable.

    7. Treatment parameters can be stored, more convenient for user.

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  • 980nm Diode laser
    980nm Diode laser

    1. High power, adjustable energy to satisfy different requirements;

    2. Short time operation, no injury, no bleeding, you can see the obvious treatment results after one treatment;

    3. Adjustable spot size : from 0.2 to 2 mm of diameter for operator do treatment;

    4. Major functions:

     Veins removal, Vascular Lesion therapy, Spider Veins / face veins, superficial vessels,EVLT

     Nail Fungus removal,

     Body physical therapy

     Laser Lipolysis / Liposuction for body slimming,

    5. TFT True Color LCD, make operate more comfortable.

    6. Portable design, more easy to move. OEM and ODM can be accepted if customers need.

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  • 1550nm Er Bium Laser
    1550nm Er Bium Laser resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, skin tightening;

    2.pigments reduction, including freckles, sunburn, age spots; 3.acne and scars removal

    4.smooth skin, chloasma and stretch mark treatment activator

    6. hair loss treatment

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  • CO2 Fractional Laser
    CO2 Fractional Laser

    1.Remove all kinds of wrinkles (brow veins, glabellas veins, neck veins, pregnancy veins and so on)

    2.Strengthen, tighten skin, face promotion, Skin rejuvenation

    3.Age spots and blemishes, acne and speckle treatment: blain acne, scabby acne, allergic acne,

    papilla acne, improving the appearance of liquidic skin and acne pit.

    4.Treat telangiectasis

    5.Repair of sun damaged skin on the face, neck, shoulders and hands

    6.Skin excrescence, such as wart, etc.

    7. Vaginal tightening

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